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3Cameras Photoblog Contribution

Check out my latest 3Cameras Photoblog Contribution!

The assignment was “Water Misting Bottle.”

Go To 3Cameras.com

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Guest Photographer – Mike Zale

Do you remember Mike Zale? How about Maggie? Whether you do or not, they are both back today!

Yes, they are both back today! And welcome to them both!

Mike has appeared on the WSP blog two times before: once as a guest photographer and once as a guest editor. Don’t believe me, just click the links and find out for yourself!

Maggie also has appeared on the blog before under the post “Pictures of a Puppy.”

Today, as guest photographer, Mike Zale brings us a picture of Maggie in motion.

Here, Maggie is running through the snow. As she runs, she kicks up snow and her hair catches the light. What a great picture!

Maggie In Motion

“It took me 5 runs and 30 to 40 shots to get this one shot.” -Mike Zale

Mike: Thanks for your great photo! I look forward to your future contributions!

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Guest Photographer – Mike Zale

Today’s Guest Photographer is Mike Zale.

Not long ago, Mike “appeared” as the guest editor of a photo in my “” post. Now, he’s sharing some of his work.

Bridge over Milwaukee River

“Bridge is an abandoned railway which runs over the Milwaukee River near Bayshore Shopping Center.”

Bridge over Milwaukee River

“I can’t seem to take enough photos from enough angles to catch the many looks of the bridge. These are only a few samples of the ones I like…..”

Mike asks, “Readers, which picture do you like better?” Comment with your answer!

Be sure to check out some more of Mike’s work here: 3Cameras. You’ll find a few pieces of my work there, too.

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