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What is it?

Can you guess what it is?

What is it?

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Staying Busy!

Hello all!

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated the blog…but don’t worry, nothing’s wrong! I’ve simply been busy taking, uploading, editing, and posting photos. Hundreds of them! I’ve also been gearing up for a trip over the July 4th weekend.

Thank you all for your continued interest!

Coming soon: a brand new ‘What is it?’ post!

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Preview – Modeling Shots

Here are a few images with my recent session with Ashley!

B&W and Blue Eyes

The session was held at a local park and went very smoothly!


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Why Watermark?

A few instances recently have led me to write this post. Please read it to understand why I watermark my images.

As a photographer, I spend a substantial amount of time and energy in the creation of each image from calibrating the camera, setting up lighting, adjusting various settings, and editing photos, etc. As a result, each image is worth very much to me. Just like other art forms are “protected,” my creations are my property and I retain the right to use them.

Some have asked why photos that are given to them in a particular photography package are watermarked or why posting them without the watermark intact (being fully visible and not cropped) is not acceptable. The answer is simple: posession does not determine ownership. If you posess the photos, you do not necessarily own them or the rights to them.

Photography is a form of art, service, and a business. Being seen and developing a customer base through such things as watermarks is a very important form of marketing. It allows me to gain clients and recognition which in turn allows me to continue expanding my business and services. Ultimately, it benefits my clients.

Unless your photography service contract specifically grants you ownership or the rights to edit the photos, you cannot legally post them in any other form than as delivered by the the photographer. Cropping watermarks out or editing the photos is strictly prohibited.

Although I run the risk of sounding arrogant or selfish, I feel it it necessary to defend my work and the rights to it as much as others defend theirs. I do appreciate interest in WSP and I use watermarks to ensure that that interest remains lawful.

If you have any additional questions regarding my policy or use of watermarks, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you for reading,

Owner, Photographer, Graphic Designer

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Preview – Piano and Portraits

Take a peek at some images from a session I had with Bryan. He’s a student and musician who favors the piano. All pictures were taken in the Steinway Piano Gallery of Milwaukee.


The staff at the gallery were very nice and even invited me back.


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Pictures of a Puppy

Pictures of a puppy…almost!

No longer a puppy, but still as lovable as one, Maggie was very-well behaved!

Take a look for yourself!


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Summer Means Senior Portraits!

The grades are in, summer is here, and you’re officially a Senior!

Congratulations to all Juniors!

This is an exciting time in your life! Enjoy it…but don’t forget about your Senior Portraits!

Summer vacation has a tendency to fly by and it can catch you off guard. That’s why I want to remind you to take a look at Warner Schmidt Photography and book your Senior Portraits session, today!

Senior Portraits Promo

Warner Schmidt Photography offers a variety of affordable and customizable Senior Portraits packages.

Leave a comment on this post, use the contact form, or send me an e-mail directly to info at warnerschmidtphotography dot com to get in touch with me.

Act fast! Summer Sessions fill up quickly!

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Booked – June 15, 2011


June 15, 2011 has been booked. As this date is less than two weeks away, no additional inquiries will be considered for this date.

Thank you for your continued interest!

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