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2012-2013 Senior Season Closed

Attention all!

Due to high demand and limited availability, WSP is no longer accepting Senior Portraits clients for the 2012-2013 school year. Despite this, WSP is still accepting Senior Portraits clients for the 2013-2014 school year.

Thank you for understanding. Please contact me with any questions you might have about this change in availability.

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New Toys!

I ordered some photography equipment and it arrived yesterday! So excited to try out my new stuff, especially the lens!

With your continued interest (and investment) in WSP, I can continue expanding my portfolio and services; ultimately benefitting you.

Thank you for choosing WSP.

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Why Watermark?

A few instances recently have led me to write this post. Please read it to understand why I watermark my images.

As a photographer, I spend a substantial amount of time and energy in the creation of each image from calibrating the camera, setting up lighting, adjusting various settings, and editing photos, etc. As a result, each image is worth very much to me. Just like other art forms are “protected,” my creations are my property and I retain the right to use them.

Some have asked why photos that are given to them in a particular photography package are watermarked or why posting them without the watermark intact (being fully visible and not cropped) is not acceptable. The answer is simple: posession does not determine ownership. If you posess the photos, you do not necessarily own them or the rights to them.

Photography is a form of art, service, and a business. Being seen and developing a customer base through such things as watermarks is a very important form of marketing. It allows me to gain clients and recognition which in turn allows me to continue expanding my business and services. Ultimately, it benefits my clients.

Unless your photography service contract specifically grants you ownership or the rights to edit the photos, you cannot legally post them in any other form than as delivered by the the photographer. Cropping watermarks out or editing the photos is strictly prohibited.

Although I run the risk of sounding arrogant or selfish, I feel it it necessary to defend my work and the rights to it as much as others defend theirs. I do appreciate interest in WSP and I use watermarks to ensure that that interest remains lawful.

If you have any additional questions regarding my policy or use of watermarks, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you for reading,

Owner, Photographer, Graphic Designer

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Just Finished

Just finished uploading about 250 images to the respective client galleries!

Check your inbox for your credentials needed to access your galleries and enter them here.

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Attention: Gallery Issues Resolved

We found a small bug and have corrected it; gallery display issues have been resolved.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Attention: Gallery Issues

Unfortunately, I have had some reports of people having trouble with both public and client galleries on my website.

After some investigation, I have determined the cause and am working on the solution.

Please be patient while this issue is being fixed. If you need to access your galleries immediately, please either use the first generation client area or contact me.

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Design – Thank You’s

Have your invitations or graduation announcements? Need a follow-up in the form of a thank you?

You don’t have to settle for mediocrity! Upgrade to WSP’s design services! Don’t be treated like a number; get a fully custom design for your thank yous.

Just like my design strategy for grad announcements, all thank yous will be personalized to each client. In addition, I generally maintain continuity between multiple design items. This continuity is very helpful especially for making recognition across various types of representation easier. When someone sees design item A and then sees design item B, they automatically pick up on subtle similarities and likenesses. These patterns create deeper, longer-lasting meanings. If you’re developing a business and want to make your name known, there’s no better way!

Here’s a sample:



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