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Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to Brian and Gina on their one year anniversary!

Brian and Gina

Brian and Gina contacted me saying they would be in Wisconsin for their 1-year anniversary. They caught me early and were able to book a Memorial Day session! We visited a few locations in the Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton/Baraboo area and had a lot of fun and variety in the session. Some might ask, “Why travel so far for a session?” Well, the short answer is Brian and Gina met in the Dells. The area is special to them, so returning for their anniversary was an easy decision to make.

Brian and Gina

As frequent visitors to the Wisconsin Dells, we were all surprised to see that the Crystal Grande Theater had been repainted! It’s no longer the “Pink and Purple Palace!” It’s been repainted light grey, blue, and tan. I do like the new color scheme, but it’s quite a change from what I’m used to.

If you missed your chance at engagement photos, but still want to capture the love and excitement of that time in your life, inquire about an Anniversary Portraits session, today! Whether it’s your one-year, silver, or gold anniversary, you can still capture the spark!

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Anniversary Portraits

This is a follow up to the post congratulating Mel and Jeremy on their 1-year wedding anniversary. And it’s all about Anniversary Portraits!

I’ll admit…Anniversary Portraits are basically the same as the Engagement Portraits, but the idea is slightly different.

Engagement Portraits are meant to celebrate your time together prior to marriage, your engagement, and the images from the sessions are often used to for invitations or various other related items. Anniversary Portraits are meant to celebrate the time you’ve spent married be it six months, six years, or more. Similar to Engagement Portraits but unlike Family Portraits, the Anniversary Portrait session is aimed at the couple. Recapture your youthful exuberance and joyful love for each other by recreating the excitement of your engagement.

Anniversary Portrait sessions start at just $175. Click here for more information.

Here’s another image from Mel and Jeremy’s session:


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