Sneak Peek – Victoria’s Senior Portraits

Here’s a sneak peek at some photos from Victoria’s Senior Portraits session!


Take a Seat

Singing in the Rain




Congratulations on becoming a senior, Victoria!

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6 Comments to “Sneak Peek – Victoria’s Senior Portraits”

  1. Darlene Schmidt says:

    Wow, great job of bringing out her best. She looks like a model.

  2. Melanie Matis says:

    I just love the pics of Victoria. So unique and so photogenic. She is a beautiful subject to photograph with a wonderful sense of humor which shines thru. Just love each and every one of the pics. Good job to the both of you!!!

    • Warner says:

      Thank you, Melanie! Photographing Victoria was a blast. She is indeed photogenic and the backgrounds and outfits selected really complimented her well. Thanks again!

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